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Organic Yunnan White Peony

<p>Uplifting, Sweet, Rounded </p> <p>From Dahei Garden, Yunnan, China </p> <p>An uplifting and fruity white tea with a light rose freshness. Its combination of large downy silvery buds and yellow-green leaves add depth to the tea, giving it a smooth texture and a refreshing floral character. </p> <p>Origin</p> <p>Produced by Yang Encan in a biodiverse garden in Yunnan's densely forested and remote mountains, this Organic White Peony is perfect for those who like a relaxing infusion like Jasmine Silver Needle or even lighter green teas like Jade Sword ™, but are looking to explore something with a little more complexity of flavour. We would also recommend this tea to more seasoned white tea drinkers who may prize the origin of their leaves, but are open to being rewarded with new tastes from a different terroir. </p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Silvery buds and delicate whole leaves in shades of green and yellow.</p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Fresh honeyed sweetness with floral and fruit notes. </p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>Pale golden with a slight green hue.</p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Delightfully refreshing, rounded and full in flavour with rose and notes of nectarine.</p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 4g or 3tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 80°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea twice</p>
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