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<p>Verdant, Smooth, Satisfying </p> <p>From Sasamodo Garden, Shizuoka, Japan </p> <p>Mellow, sappy and full of spring leaf freshness, this is a classic Japanese green tea. Expertly steamed and rolled, the vibrant, deep green leaves offer a textured infusion with a classically vegetal, umami flavour.</p> <p>Origin</p> <p>Grown throughout the country, Sencha is Japan's most popular style of green tea. The leaves are freshly picked and steamed, halting their natural oxidation and encouraging a rich, green colour. They then go through several stages of precise rolling and drying before the tea is finished. Our Sencha is crafted by tea master Hiromi Wada, from the banks of the Sasama River in Shizuoka, Japan's largest region for tea cultivation. The terroir here is rich and fertile, ensuring an authentic, umami-rich flavour.</p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Deep green, whole needles of tea.</p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Creamy sweet, fresh and grassy.</p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>A light and vibrant yellow-green infusion. </p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Sweet and refreshing green tea with a satisfying, thick texture.</p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 4g or 2 tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 70°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea twice</p>
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