Roasting Art

Artisan roaster we offer Arabica coffees of exceptions.

We work exclusively with Specialty Coffee because our goal is to introduce you to the complexity of coffee flavours.
A "Specialty Coffee" is a flawless gourmet coffee (also called fine coffee or rare coffee) worked by producers with operating and processing methods that make them separate products.

This coffee comes from a traceable terroir, a terroir whose identity is unique to it: each coffee has a message to convey according to its origins. This message is found in a cup with many flavors (acidity, bitterness, sweetness, etc.) and a very wide palette of aromas (fruity, greedy, spicy, etc.).

Thanks to our collaboration with Mucho Gusto Coffee Sourcing the majority of our coffees are purchased in micro-lot directly from producers selected for their respect for nature and the product. To respect the value of their work we offer them a higher price than that of the market.

Our other coffees come from an importer specializing in Specialty Coffee and which guarantees us a supply worthy of our values.

Our teas and other products are also nourished by our values of quality, equity, sustainability and proximity.

If you want a machine or accessories for coffee in private or professionally do not hesitate to contact us. We offer quality brands.