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Assam Breakfast Tea

<p>Malty, Rich, Satisfying </p> <p>From Assam, India </p> <p>The ultimate single origin 'english' breakfast tea, satisfying and robust with honeyed malt richness. Expertly blended from selected gardens in Assam, India, for a fortifying and malty black tea that is perfect with or without milk.</p> <p>Origin</p> <p>To ensure a bold and true expression of Assam character, we have created our single origin breakfast blend using the finest second flush tea. Our Head of Tea, Tom, selects the best batches from Assam’s foremost gardens out of the hundreds that he tastes each year. In India’s subtropical north east, the Assam terroir borders the Himalayas and is renowned for its rich soils, producing teas that offer the ideal balance of strength, assertiveness and malty flavour – everything that we believe makes the perfect 'english' breakfast tea.</p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Dark coloured tea leaves scattered with golden tips.</p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Comforting malt, honey and rich dried fruit.</p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>Deep ruby-red tea infusion.</p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Amazingly satisfying, rich and malty. </p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 4g or 2 tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 100°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3-5 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea once</p>
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Earl Grey

<p>Bold, Fragrant, </p> <p>From Uplifting Ruhuna, Sri Lanka </p> <p>An invigorating black tea lifted by fresh and exuberant citrus. For supreme texture and flavour, a touch of natural bergamot extract tempers the tea's inherent richness. To be enjoyed with or without milk.</p> <p>Origin</p> <p>Our Earl Grey tea uses high quality ingredients that complement each other for a perfect balance of flavour. To create this definitive blend, we selected a full-bodied Ceylon tea from Ruhuna, in the south of Sri Lanka, as a rich, smooth base. To this we add a touch of natural bergamot extract, which tempers the tea's natural fragrance and imparts the iconic citrus note. To complete the experience, a sprinkling of bright blue cornflowers add a signature visual flare. </p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Dark Ceylon leaf sprinkled with blue cornflower petals, for added visual charm</p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Subtle and light, brightened with fresh citrus. </p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>A dark, coppery walnut infusion.</p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Refreshing and bold, lifted with bergamot citrus – a perfectly focused classic.</p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 3g or 2tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 100°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea once</p>
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