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Guatemala Finca Capetillo

<p>Finca Capetillo is located in the Antigua Valley between the Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango volcanoes. Capetillo’s coffee has the Antigua Guatemala denomination of origin and is a member of the Antigua Coffee Producers Association (APCA), which certifies the origin of all the coffee produced within a strictly determined area. The Antigua region has ideal coffee growing conditions. The high altitude, mild temperatures of 20 to 26˚C during the day and 10 to18˚C during the night, perfect rain patterns during the year and rich volcanic soil, provide a unique ecosystem for growing coffee. </p> <p>The finca, owned by Pedro Echeverria (6th generation), has its own wet &amp; dry-mill located close to the village of Alotenango. This year we bought a fine ‘Bourbon’ lot from Capetillo that represents the quality coffee they grow and produce year after year. </p> <p><strong>REGION:</strong> antgua (sacatepequez</p> <p><strong>LOT:</strong> 'bourbon' (shb - ep)</p> <p><strong>HARVEST PERIOD:</strong> january - match 2020</p>
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Guatemala Finca El Limonar...

<p>Finca El Limonar was established in 1909 at La Libertad - Huehuetenango and owned by Rosa Maria Ovalle viuda de Aguirre since 1983. This beautiful located finca, close to the Rio El Injerto, is managed by her son Rogelio Aguirre with a lot of care. At high altitude, and close to the Mexican border, the following varieties are grown: bourbon, caturra, mundo novo, pacamara and marago.</p> <p>Over the last years the hard work conducted at El Limonar gained them the appreciation of the COE jury-members that ranked them on a very nice 7the place in 2013, a 15th place in 2014 and yet another fine 17th place in 2018. </p> <p>In 2018 they invested in more African beds to dry the coffee and in 2019 they also built greenhouses to dry the coffee more evenly. Furthermore a first experiment with a natural processing was conducted. Due to the good result Rogelio continued with it in 2020. All of these actions and investments look very promising. Hence we are looking forward to more fantastic coffees from El Limonar.</p> <p><strong>LOT DESCRIPTION:</strong></p> <p>This ‘La Cipresada’ micro-lot is a 100% Caturra selection from the highest part of the farm. </p> <p><strong>REGION:</strong> huehutenango</p> <p><strong>LOT:</strong> 'la cipresada' micro-lot (shb-ep)</p> <p><strong>HARVEST PERIOD:</strong> Mid-harvest: February-March 2020</p> <p><strong>PACKAGING TYPE &amp; SIZE:</strong> 30kg box with 2 vacuum bags (2 x 15kg)</p>
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Guatemala Huixoc Bourbon

<p>Buenos Aires Huixoc was established in 1977 and is located on a lovely mountain slope in Huixoc close to the village of La Democracia in the highly valued Huehuetenango region. Since 2006 the finca is owned by the charming Doña Lety Perez. Her son in law Héctor Ovalle manages this farm with dedication and a lot of support from his wife Diana Lucia Diaz. Over the last years many renovations of the plantation have been executed and the wet-mill was upgraded with e.g. raised beds and smaller fermentation tanks. These investments together with the devotion to improve quality and being able to produce excellent specialty coffee sounds very promising.</p> <p><br /><strong>LOT DESCRIPTION:</strong><br />This specific micro-lot (5 bags of 69kg) was picked by a small group of pickers. The coffee was fermented for 36 hours and dried on raised beds for 11 days. <br /><br /></p>
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