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Guatemala Agua Dulce

<p>Cooperativa Agua Dulce is located in the village of Cuilco in the Huehuetenango region close to the border with Mexico. The members grow the following variaties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai and Typica. </p> <p><strong>REGION:</strong> huehuetenango</p> <p><strong>LOT:</strong> shb - ep</p> <p><strong>PACKAGING TYPE &amp; SIZE:</strong> 46KG jute bag + gp</p>
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Guatemala Finca Isnul

<p>Finca Isnul is located on a lovely mountain slope close to Isnul village in the municipality ‘La Democracia’ part of the highly valued Huehuetenango region. Finca Isnul has been in the Perez family since 1940. Danny Perez manages the farm with a lot of care and grows variaties like pacamara, catuai and caturra at the farm.</p> <p>The Perez family not only runs a wet-mill at Finca Isnul itself they also operate their own dry-mill (Family Bonds Coffee) in Huehuetenango. With as much care as they run the wet-mill, they dry-mill and package the greens. No wonder they obtained the 11th place at the Cup of Excellence in 2017. </p> <p>LOT DESCRIPTION:</p> <p>This ‘Red Catuai’ lot is harvested at the spot called ‘manzana grande’. After depulping the cherries a machine called a ‘demucilager’ removes the mucilage from the parchment so they don’t have to let it ferment in a tank. Less water is used and directly after the demucilager the parchment is dried on the patio and finally in mechanical dryers (called ‘guardiolas’).</p> <p>REGION: Huehuetenango</p> <p>LOT:  'red catuai' - micro-lot (shb - ep)</p> <p>PACKAGING TYPE &amp; SIZE: 30kg box with 2 vacuum bags (2 x 15kg)</p>
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Guatemala Finca Pampojila

<p>Finca Pampojila is located south of the village of San Lucas Toliman on the southside of the stunning Lake Atitlan. The farm was established back in 1850 and since 2012 owned by Alex Herrera (Agropecuaria Atitlan SA). Almost half of the finca is used to grow coffee and the other half is wild forest.</p> <p>Over the last years the finca has been renovated and that process continues in the next years. The part of the farm that we selected this lot from was renovated in 2013.</p> <p>After visiting the farm a couple of times over the last years we finally started collaborating in 2019. We are pleased with the hard work conducted and the consistent fine Atitlan coffee they produce year after year (multiple regional gold medals in ANACAFE’s regional contest confirm our cuppings). </p> <p><strong>LOT DESCRIPTION:</strong>This specific lot is a 100% Caturra selection (120 bags of 69kg) from the ‘San Julian’ spot on the farm. REGION: SOLOLA (LAKE ATITLAN)</p> <p><strong>HARVEST PERIOD:</strong>Dec 2019 - Jan 2020</p> <p><strong>REGION:</strong> solola (lake atiltlan)</p> <p><strong>LOT: </strong>san julian' micr-lot (shb - ep)</p> <p></p> <p><strong>PACKAGING TYPE &amp; SIZE:</strong>46kg JUTE BAG + GP</p>
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