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Nicaragua Finca Mama Mina

<p>Nicaragua is a rather new country within specialty coffee. Political, economic and also environmental (e.g. hurricanes) disturbances and instabilities kept the country from moving into the specialty market any quicker. The pioneering work of some families, like the Mierisch family, with a clear vision on producing quality coffee supported by e.g. the Cup of Excellence annual competition created the necessary awareness for growing specialty coffee among Nicaraguan coffee farmers.</p> <p>The Mierisch family owns a couple of excellent farms in the Matagalpa and Jinotega departments and runs their own dry-mill ‘Don Esteban’. Finca Mama Mina (named after the nickname of the great-grandmother Mina McEwan) located in San Ramon is a rather recent finca within the Mierisch group. Harvest season starts in December and finishes in March and the soil is mainly sandy. The farm is located in a micro-climate where it experiences fog for the majority of the day. Therefore there are almost no shade trees at the farm needed. The farms has a wet-mill that shares it with the next-door farm ‘La Huella’. The farm produces washed, pulped natural as well as natural processed coffee.</p> <p>During my third visit (2020) I cupped through many coffees and experiments at the Mierisch coffee lab and selected this red catuai lot from Mama Mina.</p> <p><strong>LOT DESCRIPTION:</strong></p> <p>This specific lot (n° 2255) from the plot named ‘Los Altos’ (same as my 2019 selection) consists of 40 bags (69kg). </p> <p><strong>REGION:</strong> mataglpa</p> <p><strong>LOT: </strong>'red catai - washed' micro-lot n°2255 (shb - ep)</p> <p><strong>HARVEST PERIOD:</strong> 4th of February 2020</p> <p><strong>PACKAGING TYPE &amp; SIZE:</strong> 34,5kg box with 2 vacuum bags (2  x 17,5kg)</p>
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