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Chamomile Tea Caddy

<p>Floral, Delicate, Calming </p> <p>From Slavonia, Croatia </p> <p>Soothing late-summer chamomile blooms in an elegant tea caddy (35g). We select only the brightest whole flowers that have been dried slowly to retain their essential oils, delicate flavours and floral aromas.</p> <p>Origin</p> <p>The name for these daisy-like flowers derives via French and Latin from the Greek title, Khamaimēlon, meaning literally 'earth apple', so called for the fragrant apple scent they release. Our chamomile flowers are freshly picked and slowly dried for optimum flavour and aroma, creating a calming, caffeine-free herbal infusion with mellow, straw-like complexities and floral notes. Did you know, ‘herbal infusion’ is a preferable term to ‘herbal tea’, as tea is an infusion of leaves only from the Camellia sinensis.</p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Small, whole flower heads, complete with delicate petals.</p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Summery, floral and mellow.</p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>Bright, sunny yellow.</p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Mellow, floral and wonderfully soothing.</p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 4g or 4 tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 100°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea once</p>
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Jasmine Pearls Boite Caddy

<p>Sweet, Floral, </p> <p>From Enticing Fujian, China </p> <p>A caddy (100g) of young spring picked buds of green tea, naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. The result is a soft, vivid infusion with the sublimely enchanting aroma of sweet, fragrant jasmine. </p> <p>Origin</p> <p>This well-loved tea begins its life in China's Fujian province. The freshest spring buds and young leaves are picked to produce a high quality green tea, which is hand-rolled into individual pearls, ready for scenting. Come early summer, the pearls are carefully transported to Guangxi province, where they are placed onto bamboo mats and laid with fresh jasmine flowers repeatedly for five nights. This meticulous process imbues each pearl with a deeply floral aroma, a sweet, honey-like liquor and a long-lasting finish.</p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Tightly rolled pearls of silver-tipped green tea. </p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Heady aroma of fresh jasmine blossom over nourishing green tea.</p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>A beautiful golden-fawn infusion.</p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Smooth and bright green tea lifted by fragrant and bright, long-lasting jasmine.</p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 5g or 2 tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 80°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea twice</p>
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Peppermint Tea Caddy

<p>Intense, Cool, Refreshing </p> <p>From Bavaria, Germany </p> <p>Deep green, whole dried peppermint leaves in an elegant tea caddy (20g) offer an intensely refreshing infusion that exudes an engaging and cleansing menthol aroma, with an invigorating, cooling finish.</p> <p>Origin</p> <p>Peppermint is favoured for its high menthol content and has been used through the ages for both its functional and culinary qualities. Often cultivated for use as a topical oil, the large, whole leaves also render a refreshing herbal infusion. We select high quality fresh leaves and slowly dry them to retain their essential oils, creating an invigorating flavour with a remarkably long finish. </p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Crisp and deep green, whole dried leaves.</p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Intensely fresh and minty, yet soothing and cleansing.</p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>Deep, vibrant, golden yellow.</p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Amazingly refreshing, pure menthol flavour with a smooth texture and long finish.</p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 2g or 5 tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 100°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea once</p>
Price €14.25