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Iron Buddha Tea Caddy

<p>Floral, Creamy, </p> <p>From Refreshing Fujian, China </p> <p>A tea caddy (75g) of masterfully hand-rolled and fired Iron Buddha. With unmistakable texture and depth of flavour, the leaves elicit a creamy and refreshingly floral infusion with notes of stone fruit. </p> <p>Origin</p> <p>Known throughout Asia as Tie Guan Yin, this tea is commonly translated as Iron Buddha. The name relates to the mythical origins of the Tie Guan Yin cultivar, which is said to have been discovered by a peasant farmer in China's Anxi County. He was guided in a dream by the Buddhist icon Guan Yin, the revered Bodhisattva of compassion. Our gratifying, lightly oxidised Iron Buddha yields an infusion that is gently tart, yet light and floral, bright and refreshing. </p> <p>What to Look For</p> <p>Tightly rolled leaves dappled with dark green and light jade hues.</p> <p>Aroma</p> <p>Hints of peach, apricot, creamy vanilla and tangy citrus.</p> <p>In the Cup</p> <p>A bright, intensely green infusion.</p> <p>Taste</p> <p>Grassy, fruity and floral with a distinct touch of tartness and smooth texture.</p> <p>The perfect cup</p> <p>Measure 4g or 2 tsp per cup (250ml)</p> <p>Heat water to 100°C</p> <p>Infuse tea for 3 minutes</p> <p>You can re-infuse this tea twice</p>
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