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Gong Fu Teapot

<p>A small, delicate glass teapot true to Chinese Gong Fu tradition, designed for preparing and enjoying loose tea over multiple short infusions.</p> <p></p> <p>Features</p> <p>Inspired by the Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony, the compact size of this glass teapot encourages you to experiment with multiple, short infusions as you master your own tea ceremony. Discover how the taste of your tea develops with each infusion, and appreciate its vivid colour through the crystal-clear glass. This teapot is particularly well suited to oolong and puerh teas, which can be re-infused multiple times. Capacity - 200ml </p> <p></p> <p>5 Years</p> <p>Every master who makes JING Glass has a minimum of 5 years’ experience hand-blowing and crafting glass.</p> <p>10 Steps</p> <p>Making each piece requires mastery of a minimum of 10 steps. At every stage, the glass is heated and shaped into our signature designs.</p> <p>4 Days</p> <p>Each piece of JING Glass takes four days to produce. Slow heating and cooling enables the highest degree of precision and detail.</p>
Price €21.49